Cake Wars- WHOA!!!!!

I was on the Food Network!!!!  OMG!!!   Its still very surreal. 

The experience was amazing and my partner was THE BEST!  

So this is how it all went down...   

We flew to California (it was amazing and gorgeous and awesome and I had never been there before---EEEEEKK). <----  read that REALLY fast.  ;)

Lets get right into filming...  it was crazy!!  And I can't believe the judges thought for even a moment that my blueberry cake was going to be blue because of food coloring...  tsk tsk  

That beautiful blue comes from my blueberry reduction (which I had to make in the microwave to save some time).  Although I made that reduction in the microwave (I mean, we only had 75  minutes to make the cake AND decorate it...  I had to cut down on time somewhere!) that cake was blueberry deliciousness.  Along with the blueberry reduction, I added chopped cherries in the batter to get the red and incorporate one of the mandatory ingredients.  You know, HALO is all about blue and red. (I think)

The filling was vanilla swiss meringue buttercream with chopped cherries and a layer of almond glaze.

Ron Ben Israel said, "I'm floored by your cake", "Your cake tastes like blueberry" "I have no words"    I went there with the main goal being to impress Master Pastry Chef, Ron Ben Israel.  I can't even tell you how great it felt to hear that he liked my cake. 

On to Round 2. 

Yup, I made it to Round 2... soo exciting... but now the super stress begins!

Making this giant cake in four hours was not easy! But it really was fun!!!  It was even more fun cause I got to work with my awesome Jean!!!  Jean owns the company, Cakes with Character in Long Island, NY.  She is just a wonderful human being who I am blessed to call a friend.

Jean worked tirelessly on that Master Chief bust and in the end, it was just to heavy and our supports weren't enough to hold that huge piece up.  :(

He ended up in the garbage and I felt terrible about it.  But Jean of course was fabulous and let it roll right off her back.  

We had to keep on going because we were not going to be a Cake Wars team that doesn't present a cake or has a cake fall in front of the judges.. No sir! We kept on trucking.  It was hugely disappointing but in hindsight, I'm proud of the work we did.  Sometimes things just don't work out but that doesn't mean you quit.  We kept going and although we didn't win, we were proud of what we did there.

*Side note,  good thing we had those aprons on... that blue piping gel (Island Water) got ALL over me...

Our cake had a swarm of those little monsters (Infection form), we continued our red and blue theme from round one with the red and blue soldiers fighting, we had a mountain terrain complete with plateau's and texture that sits on an island, grass(buttercream), explosions (isomalt), water around the island (blue piping gel), sand (graham cracker and brown sugar), lots of boulders, Cortana (which was hand drawn by Jean) and covered with isomalt, pine trees and Master Chief's helmet.  Oh, and the Logo...  

I have to tell you .....   the airbrush was my best friend!!!  

Then we went to the judges...  with part of our cake in the garbage.  I knew I had to answer for that.  ugh!

They tasted the cake..  which was chocolate cake with Peanut Butter Swiss Meringue Buttercream.

They were pretty impressed with that Peanut Butter Swiss Meringue buttercream.  Waylynn said I "nailed" the buttercream but she wanted something more..  as luck would have it, I decided against adding cocoa nibs at the last minute cause I thought they tasted like coffee beans..  blah.   Oh well.

But Ron said that my Peanut Butter SMBC was "a revelation" and "the Buttercream transcended from a buttercream to a mousse, it was so billowy and smooth". So you know I was over the moon!!!  

In the end, I was happy I got to do the show with a friend, I was very happy to have gotten some great reviews on my work and I was ecstatic to be on Food Network.  Not so happy I didn't bring home $10,000 though..  :/

Next time.  ;)

We are #CakeWarriors  LOL  We made it Jean!!!!  <3 



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